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Strategic Financing for Sustained Growth

In partnership with Flex, we introduce tailored financial solutions for telehealth and telepharmacy leaders. Our offerings include 0% interest credit options for 60 days and adaptable short-term loans—tools previously exclusive to e-commerce.
It’s time for digital health innovators to make their mark.

Advancing Healthcare Through Accessibility and Efficiency

Equipping telehealth merchants with robust financial tools and resources, previously the privilege of traditional e-commerce businesses.

Accelerating the Growth of Existing Clients

Elevating the operational scale and service innovation of existing clients through targeted financial support designed for rapid, sustainable expansion.

New Merchants Support

Financial backing for a strong start. Continued support in the competitive healthcare market.

A Partnership Centered on Innovation

With Flex, we’re not just offering financial services - we’re blending finance and healthcare to meet the unique needs of modern healthcare entrepreneurs. We envision a more efficient and responsive financing landscape for healthcare innovators.
Cathy Tie

"With this partnership, we're enabling our clients to scale their operations and enhance patient care without the financial constraints that have historically slowed innovation in our sector."

Cathy Tie

Founder and CEO of Locke Bio

Zaid Rahman

"This partnership underscores our shared belief in the transformative power of accessible, efficient, and comprehensive healthcare services, bolstered by innovative financial solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of today's digital health entrepreneurs."

Zaid Rahman

Founder and CEO of Flex

Telehealth Funding Through Locke Bio

Boost your telehealth or telepharmacy brand with our strategic financial solutions. Fill out our intake form to discover how we can help expand and innovate your business. Let’s lead the future of healthcare services together.

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