Locke Bio at 2022 CAPDM Annual Conference

Digital health is transforming the traditional pharmaceutical supply chain. Countless direct-to-consumer telehealth brands, like Hims and Roman, have achieved billion dollar valuations in public and private markets. With the rise of innovative technologies and telehealth-native practitioners, the Canadian market is primed for disruption. As consumers quickly adopt digital health services, Canadian pharmaceutical distribution companies are uniquely positioned to shape the future landscape of digitally-enabled drug distribution.Speaker: Cathy Tie, Founder and CEO, Locke Bio Cathy Tie is the Founder and CEO of Locke Bio, a digital health platform company that streamlines the launch of a fully integrated, branded telehealth service. Cathy is recognized in Silicon Valley as the youngest founder to raise venture capital in biotech and is a Thiel Fellow and has been recognized by Forbes in their annual 30 Under 30 listing.

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