Key Considerations when Building a DTC Healthcare Brand

Direct-to-consumer companies were some of the few, especially in industries like retail, that fared the best during COVID-19 and the pandemic’s fallout. Their ecommerce strategies allowed for easy funneling of consumers into their services, and data out of IBM’s U.S. retail index from mid-August of 2020 shows the pandemic accelerated digital shopping growth by five years.

But how did this growth manifest in the healthcare space?

To find out, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin was joined on this episode of MarketScale TV by Locke Bio Founder Cathy Tie. Locke Bio is focusing on bridging the ecommerce and healthcare gap and helping North American companies launch direct-to-consumer digital health and pharmaceutical brands.

Recent success stories in this intersection of DTC and healthcare include companies like Hims and PillPack, which was purchased by Amazon in an effort to develop a robust pharmaceutical delivery infrastructure. So, how did these players find success in the field? What made their business model sustainable?

Watch the entire episode on MarketScale to hear Tie’s insights and the key considerations for healthcare brands looking to go DTC.

Written by Daniel Litwin on March 26, 2021



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